Loft Spaces Only Happens In The Movies

One of the important trends that affect our country in recent times our enthusiasm for creating Spaces on the Loft I wanted to write. In summary, this trend of converting former warehouses and factories, particularly in America, which started the curiosity comes from home, and this architectural movement “the loft” it’s called. Unfortunately, my colleagues you’re mad at me, but in Turkey the loft spaces only happens in the movies. In America, our culture and our lack of understanding of the architecture of the garage workshop us just “me too” points to a situation I can relate on our level of enthusiasm. Flow in America, we have a loft, why not! Not because there is no difference between the architect’s vast understanding of the two countries.

It does not flow from the understanding of this construction loft!

In the loft of the building like it does not box us in! If it does not attempt to forced out her loft. Well, we are very keen to flow a closer look at this loft! The loft buildings are the most prominent feature of the place, the lack of a wall that separates the rooms and the ceilings are quite high. Build houses with high ceilings who is in US? Such an understanding of the construction sector is not in the current repertoire! A house with a low ceiling and is out of space, buildings with high ceilings tend to who wants to save space? If the Chambers of the architects and the inside walls with a low ceiling, remove the doors of the corridors will also loft the loft turns into a profitable business if we call our understanding of our taste of Defeat.

1+0 sell Loft just in case

The art world in order to meet the requirements of more developed us a few current architecture comes in large size. But such structures can be made in the future? Why not! In America, especially for artists who want to use the home and business fields together in New York City, with the arrival of a new life form, old factories and warehouses, they turned to vital areas. In fact, of our age that has come to the point, which is on the path the rate of urbanization, this movement of the information age he helped the spread of forms of communication that knows no boundaries. Whatever you do well, from here 1+0 is claimed that it wouldn’t be a part of the flow’s loft!

Urban architecture is kidnapped for loft conversion torrent

Many buildings Loft buildings in urban regeneration will be used as that may be, but the real estate bubble and culturally develop our understanding of urban architecture seems to be an obstacle to the emergence of structures in a loft conversion. If the loft of the flow characteristics studies in Turkey, for example, it is possible to sample close to the karaköy and galat. Antrepo5 in karaköy, Istanbul modern loft that we put between the buildings.

 Loft buildings isolated individuals

At this point, just for artists, not isolated individuals within the community buildings you’ll have in the loft! This is not to say that the train to Istanbul was very wrong detection of architectural kidnapped! Here we see that some structures would have been marketed as if the moral of the loft to make a determination if you need this loft has nothing to do with the architectural conception of the buildings. Loft architecture of breweries, Bursa, Kocaeli, Ankara, Konya, Izmir continues to be an architectural concept that can be applied to cities such as.