Can I Take Less Chaos, less stuff?
I know, more than you take take of the consumer society, the media screams. I’d like to tell you otherwise. In places, the use of light calms the human soul. The more you use the furniture in your living area it creates turmoil. maybe we have failed as a nation continues to be one of the points. Overwhelmed with stuff I’m not happy that it’s cracked up to sit in US homes. We take and take, but how far? As an architect, my advice to you, is beautiful, relaxes the human soul, makes you happy. If you could get rid of a lot more of the stuff in your home you can be happy. Creates a feeling of constriction in the pile of stuff and turn us into places because you cause your unhappiness.

Make a pile of stuff with the intention of decorating their living area
We live with the intention of decorating the areas decoration or fill it up with random stuff that we do is one of the important design mistakes. However, location means more space, means less stuff means more space more livable with a spacious. I know sometimes it’s hard things you forego. In the middle have a history, you get the feeling he’s leaving them, but this feeling you are ruining your health and it slows you down and even narrow down your field I can say that.Every object, every household decoration with logic to look up the various meanings install them is not correct. Did you notice most of your equipment don’t use any, why? Probably because they are nothing more than a pile of goods.
Must get rid of the feeling of fake purchase
Our purchase requests to buy many things, it’s that lying develops in line with the feeling of happiness. We try to define ourselves and differentiate ourselves with items we received from other people. How to be happy by purchasing permanent could it be? For this reason, we need to check our sense of the purchase. We should use our passion restrained with the requirements of decorating goods. Our living spaces most of the time you purchased items arising from the need instant collapses. Simplifying your living spaces, you need to keep away from dependence on goods. Our resources are not unlimited, our resources, our needs we need to always. Giving a pile of useless decorative stuff we can get by.
Comfort, simplicity in decoration
Decorating your living space in comfort and give relief to your heart and your eyes will.Stifling possession of the houses you live in makes more than enough. Spring is coming and it’s the right time to get rid of your stuff from your top.Important steps we can take in our homes for. We see so many people who decorated a crappy house with a lot of money! Redundancies between to recover from the chaos of your life. The pile of stuff away from everyone, I wish you a beautiful day that is free from chaos.
Developed in America in recent years, the trend began to spread all over the world living with 100 things that we can see this as a sign of simplification efforts. The world, our places, our very polluted site we have too we used to despise. Now the mass of mankind, it’s confession time, less stuff means more happiness.