Arising From The Ashes The Art Of “Art Nouveau”

Arising From The Ashes The Art Of “Art Nouveau”

The profession of architecture, has had a large place in the life of humanity. As a reflection of the most basic human instinct of protection and shelter needs was born. But today we came at this point, most people have their aesthetic and functional environment to meet the requirements of the act of architecture has become the arrangement. Yesterday, we as human beings cave, there are huge gaps between the houses we live in today. These people are learning, knowing, spool, experimentation should be seen as part of the process.

That marked the Art Nouveau İstanbul

Significant changes to the profession of architecture in an age of change, shows improvements. Considering where we are in the human journey where we are the best, or no longer after that, I can’t say what it could be. You have to consider a step further and I always – always better. History and architecture consider the flows go far, no need to go to Istanbul. Water Art Nouveau palaces, pavilions, mosques you can see. How aesthetic isn’t it? This current has left the great works in Istanbul. Age of change imposed by the US is getting rich with this history.

As you search for a specified new current motto is “Art Nouveau”

The purpose of this current so set out for new search what is Art Nouveau? The pronunciation in Turkish means new art. Elegant decorative ornaments, folds, flowers, bouquets, patterns and harmonics. This current can be traced to the British roots of the first in London, then France and all over Europe has been widely used. America is another continent that was influenced by movements in art. Sultan II. Abdul Hamid II Italian architect raimondo D’aronco who came to Istanbul at the invitation of and important works representative of this movement in our country. by his parents in Italy today on behalf of a foundation has been established. Again this foundation have provided significant contributions to the heritage of their ancestors regarded as a Masjid related to Karaköy. As the leaders of this movement, French designer Eugene Grasset, at the same time glass artist, Nancy Gale and Samuel the founder of the school, Emile German Siegfried Bing can be counted. Again, as one of the pioneers of this movement, the architecture of Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto, such as architects services.

The flow of inspiration from nature, art and architecture

Started by Catalan architect Gaudi, Art Nouveau architecture in art at a later stage, lines, polygons, cubes continues the use of curves and geometry, and finally will complete your style with British influence. Art Nouveau widely popular in our country 19.century were established. 20 the effect for Istanbul. The beginning of the century. Inspired by the art of Art Nouveau, the artists, the architects, it is said that they returned back to classicism and I can’t say I agree with this part completely. Art Nouveau artists, architects has been the Muse of the nature of largest. Floral motifs as decorative items that are at the forefront of female figures, twisty lines, circles follows.

Art Nouveau re-design will be in the world because…

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul in the stuff inside the current, yıldız porcelain, tarabya, German Consulate building in Yildiz Palace, Dolmabahce Palace and the clock tower we can see in many other places. In particular, the military crest of the dolmabahce Palace in the Art Nouveau style of the many items of the collection.

Today, interior designers, industrial designers, designers, graphic designers, glass artists, ceramic artists, painters and many more art type, you can use it to restart the flow of the professional group. Clogged can bring a new style of Art Nouveau architectural approaches. As an architect, I think this should be reshaped in decorative objects of art. Decorative being pulled out of the labour front again stresses the importance of individuality and of art that I think are reasons enough for the stars to shine.