People realize their own existence in the art since the first moment softly perfumed every corner of human life. Fire, in nature, in the first civilizations, and even the primitive cave art in efforts revealed. Years has been touched by the art of architecture has become one of the most active areas. The current originating in France, Art Deco, an art movement, as after the 1920s, especially in the field of architecture began to show itself.
Before the meeting the human spirit in art is an abstract concept, while the concrete was rendered in this situation with the development of architecture.

Art Nouveau, which comes shortly after that offers Art Deco, Art Nouveau, developed in a different format instead of the industry based on manual labor from him. Geometric patterns and asymmetric in the line was included.
Decorations the splendor of Gothic architecture apart from the strains due to current defenses and later benefit from the functionality ended. Nevertheless, this trend wasn’t going to stop to see a revival in the 1960s and reputation.
To adapt to the new century a new and powerful working of the spirit of Art Deco was the reflection. While representing a sophisticated modernism Cubism avant-garde that is affected by different sources, such as it was inevitable. Between the elements that are used in modern machine patterns, wheel patterns, motifs, bouquets of flowers and natural elements such as sunlight or wheel it became apparent. Notable among the architects Raymond Hood, Art Deco style, Henry Ho, Hauser, William van Alen, and included names such as L. Murray Dixon.

Among the structures that are mentioned in the world of Art Deco comes to mind when the Empire State Building and Radio City Music Hall in New York City. For example, if the Helsinki Railway Station is first great and glorious Saarinen Ellie is a myth as it spread. Chrysler Building, Art Deco architecture and impressive examples such as streamline and Ankara Train Station is also likely to be strong among the examples. Created by Art Deco geometric illusion, unusual perception for many years with our unique perspective on the pulse and seems to inspect…