The streets of Bodrum, the sea, people, entertainment, the land of smelly blue. Warming the tissues and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people that White has a special place in the history of architecture. Quite affecting in particular the theme of the Aegean region with architectural structures in the basement is an important area. Bodrum houses the region has a versatile aesthetic which makes the atmosphere unique and unusual at the same time. The basement area residents prefer the shape of this architecture. The reason for this is an appealing Special that didn’t air and sell a lot of pointed structures of the architecture. From time to time for those who turn to a different architecture, though, pointed structures in the area do not attract attention. Aura is also very contrary to the general structures of the region already are not acceptable.

When you look through the basement of the summer home designed structures in the form of the new architecture stands out as a priority. On the ground floor living room, kitchen, patio or balcony trio is becoming the main living area of the house while also maintaining dominance in this spot. The villa is located on the upper floors are the rooms of the house in the form of general and are not included into the living area. The structure of the house are generally small, and m2 is tried to be solved with the minimum rates. Kitchen, bathroom and living room balconies and verandas for that leaves the rate of the m2 is allocated for. Living in the house, mainly the basement and on the balconies passes. Delicious breakfasts and after-dinner chats in the tranquil environment of a hot balcony can be experienced. Life, temperature, sea and sand drains away the tissue of the triangle of the house while the region provides an aesthetic appearance.

The facade of whitewashed houses and balconies in Architecture lines, plants were grown in the cold and colored. In such an environment that every human being dreams of heaven smells of the picture animates. Sometimes a retirement dream, sometimes we want to raise our families, where we want to be left alone sometimes can be a refuge. Bodrum houses with unique visuals and the warm texture to all your needs is waiting for you to provide answers…