SOME RETRO – A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING LOCATIONS Color the world with each passing day, expanding its range, while in the places where we spent to stay back from it. Venue owners are turning to satisfy their customers because the number of interesting Designs is increasing rapidly and steadily in the decoration. A little retro, a little bit of everything also paves the way locations is activated at exactly this point and clogged the spirits literally.


A little retro, a little place all the usual popular places brings a breath of fresh air. Home, hotel, cafe and office, such as familiar places; a little retro, a little bit of everything with a brand new image takes on what we call the method. These kinds of places used to be a common feature of the dynamics of blend with the strength of the yen. Old bricks on the walls, furniture, chairs and seats can be found on the old model. At the same time, adds a different taste and natural stripes bearing different places at the tables.

A little retro, a little bit of everything, locations, offers a peaceful environment to present a pleasant appearance as well as customers. Because it feels like color the timeliness of the environment while nostalgic of the past with the tissue contact is to be made. The discipline of the seats on the trains in the decoration of spaces of this type, aged from the tree table and end tables and massive industrial bar counter striking. In the surface of the walls and the furniture lines that carries the spirit of the people in the 1970/80 come across in the images creates a childlike chirp.

loveGarden cafe 3

vintage design

In essence, the purpose of these places is the greatest of designers who created simple, but as you can create stylish spaces. By using the pressure of the raw materials it is planned to create environments that comes from feeling. For those who want to get rid of the usual mediocrity and sail on new adventures, a little bit retro, a bit cut out all the spaces. In this place also possible to relieve the fatigue of the day, spend fun time with friends. In these circumstances, the spirit of the place in the lives of the lovely customers leave marks. Each venue each venue has a separate texture, a different taste…