There is a spirit of the country house.
“I’m getting demands for country home decor for the last 2 years pretty intense and I have to explain a little bit about the subject.”

Our homes are the places we left quietly in the lap of our dreams reality. We’ll decorate it as we wish, we can do the changes, or edit existing sections, we’ll go to. The trend of recent times, which has become a new genre: country houses, country houses and caters to the tastes of what is and what mission?
Starts from the exit point of the country house villa or farmhouse. Embracing a theme of pastel colors and peaceful nature of this style reflects. Gradually the idea of dating people of city life with the warmth of nature are speeding up. In this sense the nature of the candidate country houses to meet the need significantly. The principles remain the same vintage country style breeze with the condition that when in a pinch get involved in the life of the city has given very good results.
Country houses on the theme of peace, is dominated by warmth and comfort. Earth tones or pastel colors and soft details in the presence of is composed of the stuff is taken care of. A warm and friendly environment-seekers to meet the expectations of the method. This style mixes the colors in nature and the natural harmony of nature into parts is placed in the house. Homes more frequently the goal, simple but comfortable, pastel, but colourful is turning into a living space.
City life greatly upsets both of our souls and our bodies. Still we can’t give up the passion in the flow of the city. In such cases, we will our safe harbor homes. Country style cottages, the simplicity of nature to meet the energy of the city. Floral-patterned pieces, antique furniture and pastel colors are used. If metal and dark colors, such as the dynamics of impact crusher is avoided.
Classic furniture, vivid colors, painting techniques and antique finds with new life. The massive tree is given more room to the space expands and the use of natural fabrics. Reach to sail in a peaceful area ideal for Country Houses and city from the bustle of the decoration style. If you have time to your dreams and your retirement in the seaside town yet country style houses, is just for you…