semazen tabure

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Our country with a very colorful mosaic of different cultures and philosophical teachings. To be a piece in this mosaic, of course, is awesome. With the presence of light and spiritual teachings created by centuries of the mevlevis has been one of the interesting. The mevlevi order the wearing of that hat, cardigan and even death return formats of the different factors represent.
Semazen a product that carries the name, was designed in the light of the teachings of the mevlevis. Painted on solid wood with the design of a part has a unique way of the product. Semazen that looks like a small stool, the product is popular in different living areas can be used by. A small stool in your child’s Room, your room can take its place as a distinct and stylish piece.
Thanks to the convenience of the living area and custom designed details, whirling dervishes, from an ordinary household or office work, easily The size may indicate. And the return of the whirling dervishes skirts by taking inspiration from the image of her flying is of the product, which represents the flow of the spiritual dimension into the real world.
Who has a history and soul that carries the products that you can bring your spaces. Every place you live is going to be special and so will blend spirituality with reality. Semazen experience with this product is possible. So now sit down, let your story begin…