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Table furniture is one of the most common perhaps all who live in the featured cultures and countries. The first known tables was produced by the Egyptians, and the aim of this production was to keep things high. Unlike them lives as a tool of culture with the Greeks and Romans placed their dining table. Today, however, the tables in our homes, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even in different areas such as we are able to use the balcony. Our Marble table, wood, or metal. But the point is, we choose our yansitmadig environment reflecting the spirit of the table.
Tables for years of fun chats and spiritual aspects as well as Physical functioning has been the unifying force. Liquor boards brought us together more than our friends to visit and a meal is one of the options that are binding. The layout in this theme is not different with the dining table, the table layout is the same. The emotions felt on the table but are very different.
Dining tables is indispensable in the halls; the size of the house, and the number of family members selected by General factors such as the number of guests. The dining table should be of minimum 80 cm wide to a category table. Table decor such as curtains and wall paint of the room must be in harmony with the most important. Dining table with seating has been in the rules in determining the direction of the manners of modern times. A couple places to the right of the guest when you are always the host and hostess should be. In the same manner, also the guests of Honor are placed into a nearby chair. This hierarchical scheme it is possible to see even the smallest in the family.
The most valuable part of the table that complement the decor is the lighting. The table will enhance the beauty of the light that falls on each object and its shine. Known as the yellow light, yellow light and white in the sense of the inevitable use of daylight is essential. In fact, this emphasis on use in the whole house decoration is eye-catching.
Today, the tables are also with the development of technology, as mechanical objects in our homes which can be adjusted in height and length took place. We don’t just have fun at the dinner table, Touch Screen Technology display panel with comfort and invite you to our place.
That could be part of an endless entertainment of the table, who would’ve guessed?