Cazibesi olan aydınlatma tasarladık

Cazibesi olan aydınlatma tasarladık

The light accompanying him since the beginning of mankind and the complementary concept. An illumination system that directs the light in your home, office, shop, we use it in many different places such as school. In fact, in this context, the lighting change and the transformation we have witnessed.

In the first age, forest fires and lightning when you’re scared to death of people, then, were thought to benefit from it. Fire hazard when it is released, under control, when it was truly a miracle. Fire only not to cook the spoils of hunting, was being used for the purpose of providing light to paint on cave walls. In this way, the light stolen from the day and night became a research assistant, and for long years was seen as a sacred power of fire.

Later, the fire is burning in the fat of animals realize that the people who used this method to ensure the continuity of the light. The reservoir stone and clay, with wick made of animal hair, animal fats burned in lamps were invented. Judging by the results of archaeological studies, in the history of our country sesame seeds, fish and olive oils also has been used as a lighting fuel. In the continuation, again with the use of various animal substances, even today, candles are designed in different sizes and shapes protecting our lives. Abundant light the candles if it is a product easy to carry, although weather conditions are not suitable for outdoor use because he’s easily impressed.

BC Glass work in the early 2000s with the start of a new era in the lighting field started. A metal tank with fuel oil and its derivative from hand to hand lamps and lamps began to spread. 18. the use of kerosene lamps in the end of the century in industrializing countries became widespread. Considering the long history of mankind, the modern lighting devices used in our country, we can say that a lot of new. Nowadays, fluorescent, LED, candles, with different tools, such as lighting and chandeliers are provided. What is the future in lighting, but the solar system as long as it is in our lives, the light is the only thing which is known never to be idle…