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A birdcage which is answering to the need for a shelter and home is not different from a prison for birds that we want to keep home. Cages are preferred for the purpose of protection for living things but the situation should be evaluated from another point of view. During the Ottoman times bird feeding and to be occupied with a birdcage was a serious philosophy. We started to design from this perspective and birdcage came back to us as a chair. After 2-3 trials the chair took its final shape, it reduced the mass effect in the environment thanks to its light wooden sticks at the back section of the semi-transparent standing. This form which we think is representing the past, today and even future is creating a slogan “Ottoman is Coming’’, we are being influenced by the products of the ottoman era and looking for today and even further.

Birdcage is making one feel the sense but when considered with the design it can be functional. The back seat is for leaning and the top panels are defining the protection sense, this is a comfortable sit which reminds us borders. With 7 different colors and with legs it’s alive, 7 different forms with legs tells us a dynamic stand.

The birdcage which keeps the functionality worries at the second plan, the target is to represent ones’ self differently with a product which tells itself distinctively. With its light look which is referring to the sultans, telling us the throne expression and at the same time blended with the birdcage expression is a design adapted for today.

Its ratio is big and impressive compared to other sitting units. The chair is 150 cm (width) x 160 cm (h) x 55 cm (depth), all the parts were built from solid tree and constructed with legs with 7 different colors and forms.

Designer : Bora CAKILKAYA

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